Village of Cloudcroft Library Board of Directors Regular Meeting January 7th

Call Meeting to Order

In accordance with CDC Guidelines, we decided to hold our meeting using the Zoom App and so were appropriately separated.  The meeting was called to order after 5:00 pm by Christian Westphal. Members present on Zoom:  Christian Westphal (Chairperson), Jean Newmann (Co-chair), Paula Dowding (Secretary), Lisa Wojcik (Library Director), Steph Snedden and Joan Nussbaum.  Not present: Joyce Komraus.

Minutes Approval

Approval of minutes from November 5, 2020, meeting accepted.

Library Director’s Report

The financial and MNPL report was shared.  Lisa suggested we change our meeting schedule to every three months allowing a member to miss only one meeting.  In 2021, meetings would then fall in January, April, July and October.  Jean motioned to approve the change and was seconded by Steph.

New Business

  • One thousand sixty-four DVDs have been catalogued and shelved.  The library is in the process of creating a more logical, user-friendly placement of materials.  Bill has been removing stickers from the spines of books which will no longer be used to delineate the section of the library in which a book was shelved prior to the reorganization.
  • The use of Zoom or Google Chat as sources of virtual meetings was discussed and all agreed that Zoom would be the format used.
  • The next meeting originally scheduled for February 4 will be April 1st if the changes in meetings are approved by the trustees of the Village of Cloudcroft. Christian will let members know if this change is approved.  Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.



Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm