Blackhawk Landing on Cloudcroft Baseball Diamond

1. This memorandum is to request the use of the Cloudcroft baseball diamond on Tuesday, 08 Feb 22. Below are the objectives for the training that will be conducted and the information surrounding the event.

2. Long range communications is the primary objective for this training. Upon landing the US Air Force TACPs (Tactical Air Control Party) will establish communications with other TACPs at the 7 ASOS (Air Support Operations Squadron) in Fort Bliss. This training will aid in furthering TACPs relevancy in large scale combat operations.

3. Airborne Troop Movement is a secondary objective for this training. Utilizing rotary wing aircraft to infil JTACs (Joint Terminal Attack Controllers) to forward operating locations will be necessary in large scale combat operations. Air assaulting with the Blackhawk helicopters will allow Airmen to practice this skill in a live environment. The high vegetation in Cloudcroft will provide additional unique challenges to this training.

4. Community Relations is always something the Air Force strives to accomplish. This training exercise will allow the community a first-hand look at what Air Force Special Warfare operators and Army Aviation jobs are like. Additionally this will provide good publicity for the 7th Air Support Operations Squadron and the Air Force as a whole.

5. The training will take place on Tuesday 08 Feb 21. At approximately 1000 Mountain Time two UH-60 Blackhawks will land at the Cloud Croft baseball diamond on Mescalero Ave (grid 13S DS 30582 47427). Upon landing the pilots will power down the helicopters and prepare them to be viewed by the public and/or first responders. During which the TACPs will have a representative explain the training and thank the town for allowing it to happen. After the public has finished viewing the helicopters and asking any questions they have the TACPs will establish communications with the Tactical Operation Center in Fort Bliss. Once completed the primary portion of training will be done and the Air Force and Army members will break for lunch. Upon returning from lunch the helicopters will be prepared to leave and the TACPs will load all gear for departure. A timeline of the events is listed below:

Event Time Line
  1000 – 1100: UH-60 Blackhawk Arrival / Meet & Greet
  1100 – 1200: Establish Communications with TOC
  1200 – 1400: Lunch / Continued Meet & Greet
  1400 – 1500: Prepare Blackhawks to Exfil
   1500 – 1600: Blackhawk Departure

6. The point of contact for this exercise is 2 Lt Joseph Messare at 585-500-9728, or via email at