Library Closed 7/18/2024
The Michael Nivison Library will be closed tomorrow Friday, July 18, 2024. Sorry for any inconvenience.
New Village Office Hours
The Cloudcroft Village Office will be open daily from 9am - 11am and 2pm-4pm for bill payment. We are sorry for any inconvenience
MVD Closed
The MVD in the Cloudcroft Village Office is closed until further notice.
Level 3 Water Restrictions
As of 8:00 am on May 31, 2024 the Village of Cloudcroft is in Level 3 Water Restrictions.
Stage 1 Fire Restrictions
As of 3:00 pm on June 28, 2024 the Village of Cloudcroft is in Level 1 Fire Restrictions.
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Village of Cloudcroft Special Meeting Feburuary 18

To address issues from the canceled Regular Council Meeting of February 11, 2020


Tuesday, FEBRUARY 18, 2020, 6:00 p.m.


 1. Call to Order: Mayor – David C. Venable


2. Pledge of Allegiance: Mayor – David C. Venable


Pledge of Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Salute to the Flag of New Mexico

“I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.”



3. Approval of Agenda: Regular Meeting of February 18, 2020


4. Approval of Minutes: Regular Council Meeting January 14, 2020


5. Mayor’s Report:


6. Reports: Judicial, P&Z, Police, Library, Fire Dept., Wells & Springs, Water Usage/Production, GRT, Lodger’s Tax and Travel Reports for January 2020.


7. Administrators Report:


8. Executive Session: Limited Personnel Matters – §10-15-1(H) (2) Concerning Cloudcroft Police Department


9. Announcements/Discussion:

  • Confirmation of New Hires for the Cloudcroft Police Department – David Sanchez, Justin Mitchell

10. Unfinished Business:

  • Discussion/Action: Bus Maintenance Facility Utility Service
  • Discussion/Action: Permanent realignment of parking barriers on Burro Ave, – Movement to 90 Degree angle
  • Discussion/Action: Proposed Ordinance for publication Village Code 7-1A-4; Tap and Service Connections and 7-1B-5; Construction of Sewers, to include language requiring contractors to repair roads after construction.
  • Discussion/Action: Proposed Draft Article A. Fire Department
  • Discussion/Action: Paid Fire Dept. Personnel – Erich Wuersching


11. New Business:

  • Discussion/Action: Approval of payroll increase for Shaela Hemphill per Village Policy Manual
  • Discussion/Action: Promotion and Pay Increase for Mike Testa – Deputy Chief of Cloudcroft Police Department
  • Discussion/Action: Approval Resolution 2020.04 Increase in Revenues/Expenditures Fire Protection Fund
  • Discussion/Action: Revision to Personnel Policies and Employee Handbook


12. Executive Session: Real Property & Water Rights §10-15-1.H (8) Concerning 306 Lynx Loop Concerning 102 Mexican Ave

  • Discussion/Action: Concerning 306 Lynx Loop
  • Discussion/Action: Concerning 102 Mexican Ave.


13. Bills & Treasurer’s Report: Acknowledgment: January 2020


14. Adjournment: