Village of Cloudcroft Agenda Regular Meeting June 8

Tuesday, June 8th , 2021, 5:30 p.m

  1. Call to Order: Mayor – William Denney
  2. Pledge of Allegiance: Mayor – William Denney

Pledge of Allegiance

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Salute to the Flag of New Mexico

“I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.”

  1. Approval of Agenda:
    • Regular Meeting of June 8, 2021
  2. Approval of Minutes:
    • Governing Body Workshop of May 25, 2021
  3. Announcements/Disscussion:
  4. Mayor’s Report:
    • ICIP – 2023-2027, continue to review and prioritize

  5. Reports:
    • Report Ski Cloudcroft License – Jeremy & Michael Adams
    • Action: Judicial, Police, Library, Wells & Springs, Water Usage/Production, EMS/FIRE, Maintenance, Projects, GRT, Lodger’s Tax, Check Register: May 2021

  6. Unfinished Business: 
  7. New Bussiness:
    • Discussion/Action: Opening on Library Board – Recommendation; Raymond Haller
    • Discussion/Action: Approval for renewal of annual Janitorial Contract – Glo-Pro, LLC
    • Discussion/Action: Approval for renewal of annual Janitorial Contracts – Mountain Woman Enterprises
    • Discussion/Action: Approval for renewal of annual license Cloudcroft Art Society
    • Discussion/Action: Proposed amendment to Ordinance 5-1-9 (L) Prohibited Activities, Vicious Animals – Presenter Judge Wiley

    • Discussion/Action: Proposed amendment to Ordinance 6-1-2 A – Speeding fines in School Zone

    • Discussion/Action:  Adoption Ordinance 390 – Amending Chapter 6, 1-6-3D – DMV Administrative Fees

    • Discussion/Action: Destruction of Records per New Mexico Municipal Records Retention Schedule – 2021.003

    • Discussion/Action: Approval of Resolution 2021.10 – 4th Quarter Budget Adjustments

    • Discussion/Action: USDA Grant/Loan for the Mountain Top Water & Sewer Line Project – Jini Turri

    • Discussion/Action: Forgiveness of 10% interest for late fees on utility bills dating back to auditors 12.9.2019 interpretation of Ordinance 7-1A-2 C resulting in audit findings in FY 18-19 & repeat findings in FY 19-20. 

    • Discussion/Action: Proposed amendment to Ordinance 7-1-A-2 C & 7-1A-2 D, clarifying Water and Sewer Penalty Rates charged on delinquent accounts. Removal of late fee on residential accounts, establish fee on commercial accounts and establish disconnect procedure with fees. 

  8. Bills & Treasurer’s Report:
    • Acknowledgment: May 2021 Bills Paid and Report    

  9. Adjournment