Level Three Water Restriction, April 16th, 2021



Village Code 7-1A-9 (c)


            The Village Council Board of Trustees in Special Session on March 19, 2021 provided Mayor Denney with the authority to progress water restrictions as determined.  Level Three Water Restrictions are hereby implemented.  Under Level Three Water Restrictions:


  1. Declaration Of Water Emergencies: Whenever an emergency exists by reason of a shortage of water, due to inadequate supply or failure of equipment or materials, such that the village water system is unable or will within the near future become unable to supply the full commercial and domestic needs of the users thereof, including adequate fire protection as determined by the fire chief, the governing body is authorized to restrict or prohibit, by emergency proclamation, the use of water from the village water system as set forth herein designating the level of emergency. Said proclamation shall be posted in three (3) prominent places within the village and shall take effect immediately.


  1. Restrictions: When the governing body has declared a level one water emergency, the following restrictions apply to all properties served by the village of Cloudcroft water system, including those properties outside the village limits. Additional restrictions, as enumerated below, may apply when the governing body has declared a level two or level three water emergency.
  2. Prohibited Acts:
  3. Water Waste: No entity or operation served by the village water system shall waste, cause, or permit to be wasted or applied to nonbeneficial uses, as defined in this section, any water furnished by the village of Cloudcroft.
  4. Fugitive Water Flow: No entity or operation shall cause or permit the flow of excess fugitive water onto adjacent property or public right of way.
  5. Exceptions:
  6. Flow resulting from firefighting and training, or routine inspections of fire hydrants, or from other necessary municipal uses.
  7. Water applied to prevent or abate health, safety and accident hazards, and in construction work.
  8. Water that flows onto adjacent property or public rights of way as the result of an act of nature.
  9. Outdoor Watering Restrictions:
  10. The only watering permitted will be by hand watering or automatic controlled irrigation for no more than fifteen (15) minutes per zone program on the hours and days specified for levels one and two, except under conditions outlined in special written permits approved by the governing body.
  11. Personal vehicles shall not be washed when level three restrictions are in effect.
  12. Collected rainwater and gray water may be used without restriction except that gray water shall be used only in accordance with regulations set by the state of New Mexico.
  13. There shall be no operation of outdoor fountains and/or waterfalls, nor draining and refilling of ornamental ponds, swimming pools and hot tubs.
  14. Indoor Water Conservation: Private line leaks shall be repaired by the owner and proof of repair shall be submitted to the village within fifteen (15) days of notification by the village. Anyone wanting to detect possible leaks by checking a water meter may ask the village for a courtesy check; the village shall make every attempt to comply with this request no later than the next working day.
  15. Hospitality Businesses: In declared level two and three water emergencies, all lodging establishments shall encourage their customers to agree not to have their sheets and towels changed during a stay of three (3) days or less. Such establishments shall post in every guest room signs informing customers of the water shortage, and instructing them on how to decline replacement linen service.


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