Village of Cloudcroft NM Otero County Work Session of the Governing Body March 1, 2022

Minutes of the WORK SESSION of the Governing Body for the Village of Cloudcroft, held on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, at 6:00 p.m., in the Village Council Chambers, 201 Burro Avenue, Cloudcroft, NM.

Mayor Denney called the meeting to order at 6:00PM with the following Council members providing a full Quorum: Present/Absent:

  • Trustee / Mayor William Denney— present
  • Trustee / Mayor Pro-Tern Tieman — present
  • Trustee —Jim Maynard — present
  • Trustee —George Mitchell — present
  • Trustee — Gail McCoy — present


The following Village staff and guests were present: Barbara K. Garcia, Clerk; Jini Turd, Deputy Clerk, Jubal Hall, Scott Powell, Public Works; Virginia Littlefield, Shelley Hughes, Karl Campbell, John Manford, Roberta & Eric Haelcker, Wendy McCourt, Rich Dashley, Gilbert Garcia, Mark & Tammy Schnebergert, Ege Richardson, Robert Fowlie, Cindy Bradshaw

TOPIC OF WORK SESSION — Road Maintenance Plan

Discussion was held with public input to the governing body concerning road conditions throughout the Village. Structure of roads and materials along with man hours needed were addressed by Jubal Hall. A determination to call Otero County for assistance in creating a maintenance plan was decided to be the starting point. Jubal I-Tall will reach out to the county to start discussions.


Mow Ponney adjourned the work session at 6:50PM