Village of Cloudcroft Library Board Meeting April 6th – Amended

The Michael Nivison Public Library
Village of Cloudcroft
P.O. Box 515
90 Swallow Place
Cloudcroft, New Mexico 88317-0515

Library Board of Directors
Regular Meeting
April 6th, 2023

  1. Meeting Called to Order
  2. Introduction of new members (Andrika Ruiz, Tim Baggerly, Bill Boverie, New Member TBD)
  3. Minutes Read
  4. Old Business
    1. Elections of officers (Joan remain Chair for another quarter, then re-election, Hannah nominated for Secretary— vote. We need Vice-Chair—nominate, vote.) 
    2.  Set or confirm meeting times. (Quarterly Thursdays after FOL meetings—must have minimum 2 annual meetings for funding.)
  5. New Business
    1. Report by Librarian (Review Policies)
    2. Review library budget
    3. Review By Laws in preparation of up dates.
  6. Open Discussion

Meeting Adjourned.