There is hereby established a library in the Village, a free public library to be known as the Michael Nivison Public Library. Such library is a proper and legitimate object of expenditure and operation of the Village. The library is a department of and shall be
administered by the Village. (Ord. 289, 4-14-1999)

Pursuant to New Mexico Statutes Annotated section 3-11-6, the Mayor shall appoint a Library Director over any staff for the public library system who shall be the administrative officer of the library pursuant to New Mexico Statutes Annotated section 3-11-6. The Mayor shall consult with the Library Board on the selection of the Library Director. (Ord. 289, 4-14-1999)

A. Created; Duties: The Library Board is created as an advisory board to the Village. The Library Board shall advise and assist the Board of Trustees to ensure the efficient and economical management and operation of the Michael Nivison Public Library.

B. Purposes: The Library Board is created as a liaison between the community and the Board of Trustees for the following purposes:
1. To keep itself informed of library needs and to serve as a forum for discussion.

2. To recommend to the Board of Trustees policies for overall development, including plans for additional library facilities and programs.

3. To encourage the greatest use of library facilities and programs.

4. To recommend to the Board of Trustees in a timely manner the fiscal year operating budget and to recommend budget adjustments if needed.

C. Composition: The Library Board shall consist of six (6) members. The members shall include, as far as possible, representatives of various geographic, ethnic, socio-economic, professional, and business interests of the community.

D. Terms Of Office:
1. The members of the Library Board shall hold terms of office as follows: appointments for terms commencing July 1, 1999, and thereafter, shall be for a term of two (2) years, ending on June 30 at the end of term of office. Appointments to unexpired terms will be for the remainder of the term.

2. Terms of office shall be staggered so that terms of office of three (3) members expire every two (2) years.

3. At initial activation of the Library Board, three (3) members shall be appointed to serve a two (2) year term of office and three members shall be appointed to serve a one-year term of office. Thereafter, all appointments to the Library Board shall be for two (2) years.

E. Nomination, Appointment, Removal Procedures For Members:
1. At least two (2) months before a term of a Library Board member expires, the Mayor shall notify the members of the Board of Trustees of the pending vacancy and the name of the incumbent Board member. The Mayor may request a Library Board recommendation for filling the vacancy. The Mayor may seek other candidates for the vacancy. Persons appointed to Board members will be notified of their appointment in writing asking for acceptance or rejection of the position in writing. If a vacancy occurs for reasons other than the expiration of a term, the same procedure will be followed.

2. The Mayor may remove any Board member who misses three (3) consecutive meetings in a term year. The chairman of the Library Board shall report such absences to the Mayor. The Mayor will investigate the circumstances of the absences and report thereon to the Board of Trustees at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

F. Members To Serve Without Compensation: All members of the Board created by this Chapter shall serve without compensation.

G. Conflict Of Interest: Members of the Board having a private interest in matters before the Board shall disqualify themselves from discussion and voting on that matter.

H. Officers: The Library Board shall elect a minimum of three (3) officers; those being chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary-treasurer. The Board may elect such other officers as the Board deems necessary. Each officer shall be elected by the members of the Board for a term of one year and shall be elected at the first meeting of the fiscal year. No officers shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.

I. Meetings:
1. A quorum of four (4) members is required for the conduct of Board business. A motion shall carry upon the affirmative vote of the majority of the members present at any meeting. The Board shall adopt additional rules to govern its proceedings.
2. All meetings shall be open to the public and insofar as possible shall be held at public-owned facilities. The Board shall meet at least monthly, and may hold additional meetings at its discretion. Notice of the time, place and agenda meetings must be published as prescribed by the library’s public meetings resolution.
3. The Library Director is an ex officio member of the Board without a vote, being responsible for the administration of library facilities.
4. Board minutes shall be brief and include the date and place of meeting, attendance, items discussed, and action recommended. Minutes shall be filed with the Village Clerk/Treasurer and sufficient copies forwarded to the Mayor for distribution as prescribed.
5. Minutes of the last monthly meeting each term year (July 1 to June 30) shall contain a summary of recommendations and record of attendance of members for the term year.
J. Reports: The Library Board shall submit a monthly status report to the Mayor and Board of Trustees identifying timely library operations issues the Mayor and Board of Trustees should be made aware of. This report is due to the Village Clerk/Treasurer the Friday before the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees. (Ord. 289, 4-14-1999)

A. Damage: Any person, carrying away without authority, misusing, cutting, writing upon, damaging, defacing, tearing, or destroying any book, periodical, map, newspaper or any property devoted to the public library shall be subject to punishment as provided in Section 1-4-1 of this Code, and shall be ordered to replace or pay for the repair of the material destroyed.

B. Failure To Pay Fine; Return: Any person who fails to pay fines, pay for or return any book, periodical, map, newspaper, computer equipment, software, computer programs, or any property belonging to the public library within fifteen (15) days after written notice by the Village Attorney’s office shall be subject to punishment as provided in Section 1-4-1 of this Code and shall be
ordered to pay the library overdue fine and to replace the material if it has been lost or damaged.

C. Notice Defined: Notice, as used in subsection B of this Section, is presumed to have been given when deposited as certified matter in the United States mail, addressed to the person at the address as it appears on his library card. (Ord. 289, 4-14-1999)

The Board shall develop policies covering the acceptance of books, media, equipment and other property donated to the library by members of the public and the disposal of surplus library books, media, equipment, and property.
A. Donations: As a general guideline, policies on the acceptance of books, media, equipment and other property donated by
members of the public, the Board shall consider library needs and requirements and providing acknowledgment of the generosity of the donators of books and media.

B. Surplus Material: On a schedule developed by the Library Director, library material (books, media, equipment and property) shall be evaluated to identify books and media that are damaged, unserviceable and are duplicates; books and media demonstrating no interest to patrons; and, unserviceable equipment and other property. Such books, media, equipment and property shall be
declared candidates for disposal by the library.

C. Disposal Of Surplus Material: The Library Board shall approve or disapprove the list of proposed surplus library material. Surplus library material (books, media, equipment and other property) shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable Village ordinances, applicable State laws, and accepted standard library property disposal practices in this State. Monies derived from the sale of surplus library property shall be deposited in the Village Library Fund for library operations. (Ord. 289, 4-14-1999

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