Mayor Pro-Tem. Trustee Maynard

My wife, Susan, and young daughter, Shelley, and I moved to the mountains about 38 years ago, like many who have chosen Cloudcroft, we came here from West Texas. Susan and I had both attended Texas Tech University.We moved to Cloudcroft in June of 1982 and our second daughter, Julie, was born in October, so as a young family, full of Hope and Promise, we embraced Cloudcroft as our home.Susan has worked for the area schools as a Speech and Language Pathologist before finally retiring in June 2020 after a career of forty-five (45)years. Thirty(30)of those years were in the Cloudcroft schools.I have spent my career in one business or another. These businesses have included Real Estate Sales,and Land Development, and Mountain Construction. Most of the projects we have been involved in are in the Village of Cloudcroft. Some of the more notable include: The Burro Street Exchange Building,“Bear Park”, “The Woodlands”, and most recently “Skywater”.As a family, we met the challenges of raising two wonderful, career oriented young ladies and building a successful business. Cloudcroft has always been a great place to live but a difficult business market. The seasonal nature of our tourist-based market combined with the unpredictable winter weather has kept us on our toes.Understanding the Village of Cloudcroft ordinances and what choices they allowed our projects has become a lifelong project for me. I was appointed by Mayor Dave Venable to the Planning and Zoning Committee. The work done by the P&Z deepened my appreciation for the complex nature of civil government. I was later elected as a trustee for the Village and served one term, these years saw our small mountain community grow and prosper. As part of my training as a Trustee, I could attend the New Mexico Municipal League classes a group that works very well with most of the towns and villages in New Mexico to help educate their elected officials in the structure of the New Mexico government.Recently, a vacancy occurred on the Village Council and after applying to serve, I thank Mayor Dave Venable for his consideration and appointment to the position as trustee. I promise to work hard for all the citizens of Cloudcroft.